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Search for documents by a specific record type.
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Search by Document Text
Search for specific words or phrases within the text of a document.
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  There are two search features available:
  • Search by Document Type: This feature allows searching by specific information about the document (i.e. date, number, document type, etc.).
  • Search by Document Text: This feature allows searching of one or more document types for a specific word or phrase within the text of documents.

  • Searching and Result Set Tips:
  • Not all criteria needs to be entered, but a document type is mandatory; failure to include addtional criteria may increase search response time.
  • When entering dates, enter a single date to get an exact match or a start and end date for a date range.
  • Results when searching by number list any records containing the number. For example, a seach for 360 produces results of 360, 1360, and 2360.
  • In search results numbers with less than 4-digits, have zeros added at the front to enable numerical sorting.
  • When entering multiple criteria, always click the all criteria radio button.
  • Keyword search result sets display text within each document that matches search criteria.
  • Ordinance document type searching supports searching by status or by the title of the Code modified; this is best used in conjunction with other search criteria.

  • Once a search is performed, search results display on this panel.
  • Review the result set.
  • Click on the folder icon or PDF icon to see documents.

  • The following record types may be searched, retrieved, and printed.
    Document Types Description
    MinutesMinutes are the required historical record of a meeting. Currently available minutes include: City Council, Redevelopment Agency, Planning Commission, and Library Board of Trustees minutes from 1946 to the present. Other advisory board minutes may be added as time permits.
    ResolutionsA Resolution is an expression of intent or support by the legislative body; resolutions becomes effective upon adoption unless otherwise specified. The City Council, Redevelopment Agency, and the Library District Board of Trustees adopt resolutions.

    Searching allows a user to retrieve and print resolutions either by using a keyword search; entering the Resolution number; or by entering the meeting date the Resolution was adopted or narrowing the search to a specific legislative body. Currently available resolutions include: All City Council, Redevelopment Agency, and Library District Board of Trustees resolutions from 1946 to the present.
    OrdinancesAn Ordinance is an action which has the effect of making, amending, or repealing substantive City law, also known as the City of North Las Vegas Municipal Code. In addition, ordinances are frequently used to reclassify the zoning on properties within the City and for other special purposes.

    Searching allows a user to retrieve and print adopted City Ordinances either by using a keyword search; entering the Ordinance number; by entering the City Council date the Ordinance was adopted; or by searching specific sections of the City Code. Only the City Council adopts ordinances; this portal provides access to ordinaces from 1946 to the present.
    Public NoticesPublic Hearing Notices are post cards that are sent to applicants and/or interested parties notifying that a public hearing item is going to be placed on a specific public meeting.

    This portal provides access to City Council and Redevelopment Agency notices from 2010 to the present.